Feb 2001 Mattin: Betzain CDr w.m.o/r 00 (UK) listen
Mar 2001 Mattin: Tinnitus CDr
w.m.o/r 01 (UK)
listen and reviews
Jun 2001 Mattin/Prevost/Parlane: Sakada CD
w.m.o/r 02 (UK) listen and reviews
Jul 2001 Mattin: Higu CDr
w.m.o/r 03 (UK) listen and reviews
Sep 2001 BI RAK (Mattin/Dennis Dubovtsev): Ipurtagiri CDr
w.m.o/r 04 (UK) listen and reviews
May 2002 Mattin/Rosy Parlane/Xabier Erkizia: Mendietan CD
w.m.o/r 05 (UK) listen and reviews
Nov 2002 Sakada:Undistilled CD Matchless (UK)
listen and reviews
Mar 2003 Mattin: Gora CDr
Twothousanand (UK) listen and reviews
Apr 2003 Mattin/Rosy Parlane: Agur 3''CDr Absurd (Greece)
listen and reviews
Apr 2003 Belaska: Vault CD w.m.o/r 06 (UK) listen and reviews
Sept 2003 Sakada 3''CD Sound 323 (UK) listen and reviews
Feb 2004 Radu Malfatti/Mattin:WHITENOISE CD w.m.o/r 07 (EH) listen and reviews
Apr. 2004 Taku Sugimoto, Yasuo Totsuka & Mattin: Trainging Thoughts CD w.m.o/r 09 (EH) Reviews
May 2004 Margarida Garcia & Mattin: For Permitted Consumption CDr L´imnomable (Slovenia)Reviews 
May 2004 MATTINBARNES: Live at Issue, NYC. CDr Quakebasket (USA)
May 2004 Radu Malfatti, Klaus Filip, Mattin, Dean Roberts: Building Excess CD Grob (Germany) Reviews
May 2004 Sakada: Never Give Up in the Margins of Logic 3''CD Antiopic (USA)Reviews 
Aug 2004 Sakada: Bilbao Resiste, Resiste Bilbao CDr Fargone Records (USA) Reviews
Aug 2004 Junko &  Mattin: Pinknoise CD w.m.o/r 13 (EH) Reviews
Sept 2004 Mattin: Basque Rd CDr Document (Australia) Reviews
Oct 2004 Mattin / Dion Workman: Via Vespucci CD  Antifrost (Barcelona/Athens) Reviews
Oct 2004 Mattin & Taku Unami: shyrio no computer CD w.m.o/r/hibari (EH/Japan) Reviews
Nov 2004 Sakada: Askatuta CDr The Rizhome Label (Australia) Reviews
Jul 2005 Billy Bao: Bilbo's Incinerator 7" w.m.o/r (EH) Reviews
Jul 2005 NMM-No More Music at the service of capital  (Lucio Capece & Mattin) CDr Why Not LTD (Malasya)Rereleased by NO SESO (Argentina) in Aug 2006  Reviews
Sept 2005 Deflag Haemorrhage / Haien Kontra: Luxury CDr w.m.o/r (UK) Reviews 
Sept 2005 Mattin: Songbook CDr hibari (Japan)
Nov 2005 Billy Bao: R'nR Granulator CD w.m.o/r (UK) Reviews
Dec 2005 Dion Workman / Mattin: S3 CD Formed Records (USA)

Jan 2006 Francis/Guerra/Stern/Mattin 7'' cmr (New Zealand) Reviews
Feb 2006 Billy Bao: Auxilio! CDr Herbal Live Series (Austria) Reviews
Feb 2006 Mattin: Songbook vol.2
CDr Ausaider Magazine (Ukrania)

Feb 2006 La Grieta: Hermana Hostia CDr w.m.o/r (UK) Reviews
March 2006 Mattin & Cremaster: Barcelona CDr Audiobot (Belgium) Reviews 
Listen: archive.org
May 2006 Guionnet/Denzler/Unami/Mattin CDr
Fargone Records (USA)

May 2006 Mattin: Songbook vol.3 Black Petal CDr (Japan) Reviews

May 2006 Radu Malfatti / Mattin: Going Fragile CD Formed Records (USA) Reviews

June 2006 Josetxo Grieta "Reminder of a Precioius Life" CDr Audiobot (Belgium) Reviews

June 2006 Kneale/Mattin con-v CDr (Spain)
Aug 2006 Axel Doerner & Mattin: Berlin CD absurd/1000+1 Tilt (Greece) Reviews

Sept 2006 Lene Grenager, Harald Fetveit, Lasse Marhaug, Lucio Capece & Mattin: cdr CDr The Seedy R!
(New Zealand)

Sept 2006 MATTINBARNES: Achbal al Atlas CD little enjoyer (NYC)
Oct 2006 Mattin: Songbook vol. 4 CD Azul Discografica (NYC) Reviews
Oct 2006 Tony Conrad, Tim Barnes & Mattin CD Celebrate PSI Phenomenom (New Zealand) Reviews
Nov 2006 NMM: UNIVERSAL PROSTITUTION CD iDEAL, absurd, 8mm (Sweden, Italy, Greece) Reviews
Nov 2006 MATTIN: PROLETARIAN OF NOISE CD hibari music (Japan) Download & Reviews
Dec 2006 Josetxo Grieta: Euskal Semea CD w.m.o/r (Berlin) Download & Reviews
May 2007 Matthew Bower & Mattin: A New Form of Beauty (1975) CD bottrop-boy (Berlin) Reviews
Jul 2007 Ryu Hankil, Jin Sangtae, Taku Unami, Mattin: 5 modules III CDr manual modules (Seul) Reviews
Oct 2007 Claudio Rocchetti/Mattin "Long Live Anti-Copyright, Death to Intellectual Property" CDr Troglosound (Italy)
Oct 2007 Mattin split with Analoge Suicide & GEN 26 [&] 3"CDr (Ljublijana)
Oct 2007 Mattin/Taku Unami "Attention"
CD h.m.o/r   (Tokyo/Berlin) Download & Reviews
Nov 2007 Billy Bao "Fuck Separation" EP S-S Records (Sacramento) Reviews
Dec 2007 Mattin "Broken Subject" CDr Free Software Series (Berlin)  Reviews
Feb 2008 Billy Bao "Dialectics of Shit" LP Parts Unknown (NYC) Reviews
Feb 2008 Billy Bao "Accumulation" 7"" Xerox Music (London) Reviews
March 2008 Josetxo Grieta "Sonrisas vendo, Donde nos llevan" CDr Taumaturgia (A Coruna) Reviews
June 2008 Junko & Mattin LP Tochnit Aleph (Berlin) Reviews
June 2008 Josetxo Grieta "The Art of Disctraction" LP Ozono Kids (Barcelona) Reviews
August 2008 Junko, Michel Henritzi & Mattin "JE T' AIME!" CDr Absurd (Athens) Reviews
September 2008 DD Kern, Dean Roberts & Mattin "Untitled" 7¨ Rock  is Hell Records (Vienna)
January 2009 Josetxo Grieta "DISTANCIA #2387" CDr Hamaika (Euskal Herria) Reviews
January 2009 Josetxo Grieta "Hitzak, Eginak, Animaliak, Pertsonak" DVD Discos Crudos (Bilbo)
May 2009 Billy Bao "Sacrilege" CD Afterburn (Melbourne) Reviews
June 2009 DEFLAG HAEMORRHAGE/HAIEN KONTRA re-issue of "Luxury" CD Tochnit Aleph (Berlin) Reviews
June 2009 DEFLAG HAEMORRHAGE/HAIEN KONTRA "Humiliated" CD Tochnit Aleph (Berlin) Reviews
June 2009 CONSUMER ELECTRONICS "Crowd Pleaser" LP Hand to Mouth (Berlin) Reviews
July 2009 Billy Bao "MAY 08" LP Parts Unknown (NYC) Reviews
July 2009 Alan Courtis, Bruce Russell, Eddie Prevost & Mattin "The Sakada Sessions" LP Azul Discografica (NYC) Reviews
August 2009 Billy Bao "I am going to kill all the rich man" cassette drone errant (USA)

August 2009 DRUNKDRIVER/MATTIN "List of Profound Insecurities" 12'' Badmaster/Suicide Tax (Philadelphia) Reviews
October 2009 MATTIN & MALATESTA cassette Ozono Kids (Barcelona)
February 2010 MATTIN & TAKU UNAMI CDr Rumpsti Pumsti (Berlin) 
March 2010 Billy Bao "Urban Disease" LP Pan (Berlin) Reviews
April 2010 La Grieta "decision" CDr Black Petal (Tokyo) Reviews
May 2010 Ray Brassier, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Seijiro Murayama, Mattin "Idioms and Idiots" CD w.m.o/r (Visby) info
December 2010 Mattin "Object of Thought" LP Presto!? (Milan) Reviews
October 2011 Mattin "Exquisite Corpse" LP Azul Discografica (New York),  Ozono Kids  (Barcelona),  w.m.o/r (Stockholm) Reviews
September 2012 Richard Francis & Mattin "Lisa Says" LP Aufabwegen (Cologne) Reviews
February 2014 Regler "Regler" LP 8mm (Porto) Reviews
February 2014 Mattin "Songbook 5" LP Disanbraining (Brisbane/Melbourne) Reviews
August 2014 Ray Brassier & Mattin "Unfree Improvisation/Compulsive Freedom" CDr Confront Recordings (London) Reviews
November 2014 Regler "Regel #3 (Noise Core and Free Jazz)" 2CD Turgid Animal (UK) Reviews
November 2014 Hong Kai wang & Mattin in collaboration with Mike Sperlinger "Collapsing Ourselves" LP Mount Analogue/Audio Visual Arts (Stockholm/New York)
April 2015 Regler "Regel #4 (HNW)" CD Decimacion Sociale/At War With False Noise/Rapid Moment/Pilgrim Talk (Paris/Glasgow/Chicago/Kuala Lumpur) Listen and Reviews
September 2015 Mattin in collaboration with Oier Iruretagoiena, Marcelo Exposito, German Navarro, Santiago Mostyn and members of the audience at LUFF festival 2012 "Anti Social Realism" DVDr, Kwanyin, SUBJAM (Beijing) Reviews
November 2015 Billy Bao "Communisation" 12" Fuck Yoga and Insulin Adicted (Skopje) Lisen and Reviews
November 2015 Billy Bao  "Lagos Sessions" 2LP Munster Records (Madrid) CD Night School Records (Glasgow)
Listen and Reviews
December 2015 Regler performing a composition by Manfred Werder "Regel #5 (Classical Music)" CD Nueni Records (Bilbao)
May 2016 Miguel Prado & Mattin "Evacuation of the Voice 10 CDs boxset with booklet, Serralves Foundation (Porto)
May 2016 Regler "Regel #6 (Techno) & Regel # 7 (drone) LP Quemada Records (Queens, New York)
Listen and Reviews
May 2016 Regler "Regel #8 (Metal)" CD At War With False Noise (Glasgow) Listen and Reviews
April 2017 Mattin "Songbook #6" LP Munster Records (Madrid), Crudités Tapes (Paris), Insulin Adicted (Skopje) Listen and Reviews
June 2017 Regler "Regel #9 (Blues)" LP At War With False Noise (Glasgow)  Listen and Reviews
November 2018 Mattin "Songbook #7" LP Munster Records (Madrid)  Listen and Reviews

April 2019 Mattin "My First 30 min. on Tik Tok..." Cassette Crystal Mine (Burgos)  Listen and Reviews

April 2021 Regler "Regel #11 (No Wave)" CD At War With False Noise (Glasgow)  Listen and Reviews

April 2021 Mattin "Licking Ears" CDr Edition Eric Schmid (Chicago)   Listen and Reviews

November 2021 La Grieta "Askeroso Getxo Sound 2005-2015" Double Cassette Crystal Mine (Burgos)   Listen and Reviews


Live Reviews


August 2004 Bruce Russell "Los desastres de las guerras" CD w.m.o/r (Bilbao)
August 2006 Mark wastell "Caressed On The Brow By Unseen Hands" CDr L'innomable (Ljubljana) reissue by Confront Records in November 2013 (London)

August 2007 Sunroof! "Panzer Division Lou Reed" CD VHF (USA)
August 2007 Monster of Mu "Children of Mu" 2LP The End Is Here (Detroit)
August 2008 Hose "II" CD Headz (Tokyo)
August 2009 Kikoe documentary film on Otomo Yoshihide by Chikara Iwai (Tokyo)
August 2013 Junko "Voice & Destroy (Junko Very Best Collection" 2CD Reveil, Alchemy Records (Tokyo)
August 2014 Junko "Noise of Voice" 5CD+DVD Alchemy Records (Tokyo)
August 2020 One Night in Far Rockaway (DJ Do Gooder Dude, Nick James Scavo, The Audience As Leila Bordreuil and Bookworms, Mattin & Die Reihe) Cassette Bánh Mì Verlag (NYC)

As producer:
February 2010 The Chinese Restaurants ''River of Shit'' 7'' SS Records (Sacramento)
May 2017 Al Karpenter ''The Chosen One''  7" Munster Records (Madrid) Reviews
April 2020 Al Karpenter ''If We Can't Dream, They Can't Sleep​!​! ''  LP ever/never (NYC) Reviews
September 2021 Al Karpenter ''Musik From A Private hell ''  LP Bruit Direct Disques (Paris) Reviews

Live & other reviews

Noise & Capitalism radioperformance con Ruben Gutierrez del castillo, Jose Manuel Costa, Miguel Alvarez-Fernandez en Ars Sonora RTVE Radio Clasica
1 25/26 Diciembre 2009
2 1/2 Enero 2010

Net Releases:

July 2003 Mattin: Computer Music from St.Petersburg (24 April 2003) Allegorical Power Series Volume II (USA)
Sept 2003 Klaus Filip & Mattin: donerplatz Jokebux.kling.org (Austria) Stream: 1
June 2004 Taku Unami, Yasuo Totsuka & Mattin:  Live at Emban , Tokyo 4th April  2004 hibari (Japan) Download: 1
Link does not work at the moment, sorry!
Oct 2004 Sakada: live at Titanic, 19th Oct. 2004, London desetxea (EH) Download: 1
Dec 2004 Richard Francis & Mattin Twothousanand (UK) Download: 1
Oct 2005 Mattin: Abuse Divisions con-v (Spain) Download: 1
Nov 2005 Mattin: Patxi se va al Guggenheim (homenaje a Francisco Lopez) RE:MAPA Audiolab (EH) Download: 1
Dec 2005 Bruce Russell & Sakada: Casa Precario  con-v (Spain) Reviews Download:  1
Aug 2006 Mattin live at the 14th LMC festival 2005, London  LMC (U.K.) Download: 1
Aug 2006 Mattin "Wrong Commodity" Seven Things
Reviews Download: 1
March 2009 Mattin "Feedback Conceptual" Larraskito (E.H.) Download:1 reviews
December 2009 Mattin "A Necessary Condition to Participate in The Wire's Below the Radar Series" The Wire (U.K.) Download: flac

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