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Lagoon Parliament + KuLe

· Hosted by KuLe Berlin
  • Daily, Jan 25 - Jan 27 · UTC+01
    Event ended about 4 weeks ago
  • Kule
    Auguststraße 10, 10117 Berlin, 10117 Berlin, Germany

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organised by Lagoon Parliament
hosted by Kunsthaus Kule
as part of Vorspiel 2019

Departure | Arrival | Return will take place during the last weekend of January at Kunsthaus Kule. The space will be transformed into a fictive travel agency playing with alternate concepts of time and metaphorical ideas around place and placelessness. Be prepared to step into a hybrid between real and fictive atmospheres with a manipulated sense of displacement and abundance. The first event (Departure) starts with a festive takeoff evaporating you from familiar ground with concerts and performances. Departure invites you to a harmonious sleepover in which you will awake into the next event (Arrival) with a cosmic breakfast, workshops, screenings and performances. The last event (Return) will investigate the business of aeroplane windows and whether a return is ever really possible.



8:15 PM Vernissage
With performances, interventions and video by Lagoon Parliament, Dovilè Aleksaité and Mattin.

Free Entrance

12:00 AM SLEEPOVER- a long distance flight

Sonic trips with
Lukas Grundmann
Jacob Eriksen
Felipe Vaz
Kurort Spandau
MOUTH (Katrine Hoffmeyer Tougård & Hugo Esquinca)
Fraser Bowers

Free entrance, booking required - waitlist available

ARRIVAL 26th Jan.

17:00 EMERGENCY WORKSHOP w. Valerian Blos & Gosia Lehmann
Workshop about simulating disasters and reenactment
Register here for workshop (free):

20:00 FREE OF DUTY-an improvised participatory waiting room revue w. Bruno Siegrist
The piece combines elements of show with others of discussion and gamification. Loaded terms, like freedom or duty, function as a starting point, but as well as ideas to constantly return to.

Free Entrance

RETURN 27th Jan.

4:00 PM THE BUSINESS OF AEROPLANE WINDOWS with Theresa Reimann-Dubbers
A lecture performance on the peculiar coexistence of (screen)window and (window)screen on aeroplanes. One screened off whilst other screens view of former. An exploration of a suspicious trajectory.

Free Entrance

5:00 PM BAULAND with Yannick Spiess
Screening of film about returning to homeland followed by Q&A with the director.

Free Entrance