Miguel Prado & Mattin

Evacuation of the Voice

10CD-Box + Booklet


10 CD-Box and 44 page booklet with contributions by Rayya Badran, Robin Mackay and Reza Negarestani.

Mattin and Miguel Prado met in A Coruña in 2007 and since then have shared their long running interest in voice within the context of improvisation and noise. Since 2011 they have developed the project of Evacuation of the Voice (EOTV) which includes Mattin's LP "Object of Thought" and Miguel Prado's text "Geotraumatic Evacuation of the Voice“.

The urge for the "evacuation of the voice” appears from its inseparability from the dismantling of the face, identified as the vehicle for the representation of the "I” in capitalism. The artists proposed ten sessions of one hour each where they performatively evacuated the voice from their bodies, resorting to a process "subjective depersonalization”. The distancing form the thinking with the refusal of generic aesthetic idioms emerges as strategy to try to "understand our psychological, physiological and neurobiological conditions from an outsider’s perspective”.

The recordings of the 10 sessions are now published together with theoretical reflections by the artists, thinkers and philosophers as contributions for the necessary analyses of the results.

Interview explaining this project published in White Fungus (Taichung City, Taiwan)
and here
Digicult (Milan)