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Arsenal: artists exploring the potential of sound as a weapon

June 23 – August 6 2006

Alma Enterprises is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition Arsenal: artists exploring the potential of sound as a weapon, a group show of new work by 11 artists dealing with the historical, socio-political, aesthetic and phenomenological applications of sound as a weapon. The artists use a variety of media including documentary video, performance and text to challenge received notions about the uses, meanings and experiences of sound, and to excavate the medium’s potential as a weapon.

British artist Rod Dickinson will present a new video of footage taken during his 2004 re-enactment of a sonic siege that was carried out in 1993 by the FBI on the Branch Davidian Waco compound where David Koresh and his followers lived.

Danish artist Thomas Altheimer’s multi-channel video work documents his journey from Jamaica to Guantánamo Bay, on a mission to rid the area of US forces by playing Beethoven’s Symphonia Eroica, aiming to liberate Camp Delta, leaving behind liberated men and a landscape ripe for the introduction of democracy.

Also exploring current political events, Basque artist Mattin’s sound work uses text, sound and spoken word to consider the development in people’s attitudes towards noise and its commodification in contemporary culture.

German artists Tillmann Terbuyken and Thomas Baldischwyler’s motion-sensitive sculpture examines the phenomenological effects of repetition by sampling music that has historically been linked to revolution and warfare. Also exploring the potential of music and repetition, a music video by the German-Austrian duo Jasmin Jodry and Mo Stoebe for the track ‘9 Samurai’ by musicians Kode 9 and Spaceape charts the progress of a fictional audio virus, referencing science fiction and post-apocalyptic cinematic genres. The music itself makes manifest the potential for sound to be felt rather than simply heard.

In a text work specially conceived for the exhibition publication, Mexican-Italian artist Giorgio Agostoni deals with the phenomenon of online rap-battle forums, navigating the inter-subjectivities of directed antagonism and de-contextualized posturing that occur in such forums.

Extending the boundaries of the gallery, Mexican composer Pablo García Valenzuela’s electroacoustic sound piece explores aesthetic potential of warfare and weaponry, and will be situated at the threshold between public space and gallery.

Arsenal is guest curated by , and will be accompanied by a series of public events and talks, and a publication.

Alma Enterprises, 1 Vyner Street, London E2 9DG

Gallery Opening times - Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12 – 6pm, Nearest tube: Bethnal Green

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