Out Now:
Social Dissonance book with Preface by Ray Brassier Urbanomic (Falmouth)
Review by Mario Aguiriano, Radical Philosophy
Social Dissonance, interview with Mattin - Pierre d'Alancaisez

Valerio Tricoli / Werner Dafeldecker / Mattin - Le Diable probablement

Cassette, ER044 Eclectic Reaction Records (Bilbao)

Abolishing Capitalist Totality: What Is To Be Done Under Real Subsumption? book edited by Anthony Iles and Mattin, Archive Books (Berlin)
Al Karpenter featuring Sunik Kim, Dominic Coles and Triple Negative "The Forthcoming" LP ever/never (NYC)
CIA Debutante & Al Karpenter LP ever/never (NYC)
Asha Sheshadri & Mattin "Slices of Life" CDr Flea (NYC)
Regler feat. Courtis "regel #12 (Noise Rock)" LP Nashazphone (Cairo)

Shows and Presentations:

7th March, Alan Courtis Deep Listening Workshop, Preparations, Lindenstrasse 91, Berlin
7th March, Alan Courtis (Reynols, Buenos Aires), Mattin, KM28, Berlin
20th March workshop+lecture, Royal Academy for Art The Hague

Noise Research Union (with Cecile Malaspina, Sonia de Jager, Martina Raponi, Miguel Prado and Inigo Wilkins)

Expanding Concert (Lisbon 2019-2023)
with Barbara Silva, Margarida Garcia, Regina de Morais, DJ Marfox, Pierre Bal-Blanc..
Galerias Municipais

Expanding Concert (2019-2023) is a four year long concert distributed in time and space through different media: 5 public interventions in 5 different galleries in Lisbon and 5 texts published in the city. The concert was initiated by the invitation of a single artist but it will gradually continue to expand; first by interacting with the audience, then by asking writers to respond to each intervention and finally by inviting other musicians to collaborate on the next interventions. The first concert took pace in December 2019 at Galeria Boavista with a response by Bárbara Silva. The second concert took palace at Pavilhão Branco and continued to explore the notion of call and response in improvisation in an expanded form: each public intervention is a form of call. For this intervention Lisbon musician based Margarida Garcia has been invited to join and respond to the text as a way to open up the process. The critic Ana Teixeira Pinto also has been invited to attend the intervention and to write a text afterwards. Her responses will attempt to contextualize the intervention in relation to the artistic, political and economic situation of Lisbon at the time. Each public intervention works as a proposition exploring our self-perception at a specific given time and place. By contrast the responses will be written outside of these public moments, taking its own time and allowing for reflection on broader issues such as different urban changes taking place in the city. One can think here of structural silences that in this particular case will take months. The interventions will be documented and at the end a publication will be made, formed of documentation of the concerts and the texts. Expanding Concert (2019-2023) is a durational concert attempting to think itself historically while it is happening.

Social Discipline podcast
Miguel Prado & Mattin thinking aloud with invited guests about the current events regarding CODIV-19. They let the unconscious improvise in this absolutely unexpected present, trying to render actual a no longer distant future

Deciphering Social Dissonance
Mattin, Elena Biserna and Tobi Maier in conversation with Anabelle Lacroix
Disclaimer, Australia

La nueva reacción. Antídotos y sinergias Conversaciones con Marisa Pérez Colina, Brigitte Vasallo y Mattin
Podcast de Agnès Pe,
RRS Radio del Museo Reina Sofía

El seminario La nueva reacción: Antídotos y Sinergias se celebró en noviembre de 2020, organizado por la Fundación de los Comunes y el Museo Reina Sofía. El eje central del encuentro partía de la problemática confluencia entre el feminismo y la extrema derecha. De esta sinergia surge el concepto de feminacionalismo. Este define el modo en que la extrema derecha se apropia de las reivindicaciones feministas para articular un relato que es construido en contraposición al de las mujeres y hombres migrantes. Se trata de un término acuñado por Sarah R. Farris para analizar la economía política de los discursos de igualdad de género que sustentan los sentimientos antimusulmanes y antimigrantes de los partidos nacionalistas, pero también de ciertos sectores del feminismo y de proyectos neoliberales.
En la cápsula intervienen Marisa Pérez Colina, de la Fundación de los Comunes, la escritora y activista Brigitte Vasallo y el artista Mattin, quien desarrolló Hacia una partitura antifascista, una intervención performativa que tuvo lugar durante el seminario con la participación de lxs asistentes.

Mattin is an artist, musician and theorist working conceptually with noise and improvisation. Through his practice and writing he explores performative forms of estrangement as a way to deal with structural alienation. Mattin has exhibited and toured worldwide. He has performed in festivals such as Performa (NYC), No Fun (NYC), Club Transmediale (Berlin), Arika (Glasgow) and lectured and taught in institutions such as Dutch Art Institute, Cal Arts, Bard College, Paris VIII, Princeton University and Goldsmiths College. In 2017 he completed a PhD at the University of the Basque Country under the supervision of the philosopher Ray Brassier. Along with Anthony Iles he edited the book Noise & Capitalism (Kritika/Arteleku 2009). In 2012 CAC Brétigny and Tuamaturgia published Unconsitituted Praxis, a book collecting his writing plus interviews and reviews from performances. Anthony Iles and Mattin are currently in the final stages of editing the volume Abolishing Capitalist Totality: What is To Be Done Under Real Subsumption? (Archive Books). Urbanomic has just published this year his book Social Dissonance. Mattin is part of the bands Billy Bao and Regler and has over 100 releases in different labels worldwide. Mattin is and currently co-hosting with Miguel Prado the podcast Social Discipline and he is also part of Noise Research Union with with Cecile Malaspine, Sonia de Jager, Miguel Prado and Inigo Wilkins. Mattin took part in 2017 in documenta14 in Athens and Kassel.

mattin at mattin period org