SETH KIM-COHEN + REGLER Regel #12 (Ambient)
Crystal Mine cassette (Burgos) March 2023

Regel #12 (Ambient) _ Música por SETH KIM-COHEN + REGLER (Mattin & Anders Bryngelsson) _ Diseño por REGLER _ Grabado por Crystal Mine _ Burgos - Estocolmo, 2023. Puedes comprarlo aquí: . C60 #anticopyright

SETH KIM-COHEN + REGLER Regel #12 (Ambient)

The backdrop of this release is a concert-lecture by Kim-Cohen called "Against Ambience", where he criticises ambient music and the notion of deep listening. Here Regler joins Kim-Cohen in order to do their perverted interpretation of ambient music. Regler set up rules in order to play different genres of music with rock instruments. After Regler doing their interpretations of genres such us dbeat, dub, techno and blues now is the time for ambient, which has been so present in the last decade. In conditions of ever increasingly economic and social preassure, listeners need to comfort themselves with sonic cushions to endure everyday struggels. For this release, the harsh present is made soft but spectral thanks to the use of echo, the devise around which this performance is centered. However the result is not obvious. As a matter of fact we could say that this trio managed to produced the strangest possible rock or the ambient music that Eno would never do. The tension between industrial desolation and calm gratification gives you the realist sense of being in a society not made for you. Regler's ambient playfully contrasts the general use of ambient music in a world that is everything but smooth.

Seth Kim-Cohen - lecture, electronics
Anders Bryngelsson - drums, electronics
Mattin - guitar, electronics

Recorded 1 June 2015, IASPIS, Stockholm
Mastered by Mattin


El telón de fondo de este lanzamiento es un concierto-conferencia de Kim-Cohen llamado "Against Ambience", donde critica la música ambient y la noción de escucha profunda. Aquí, Regler se une a Kim-Cohen para hacer su interpretación pervertida del ambient. Regler se pone reglas para tocar diferentes géneros musicales con instrumentos de rock. Después de haber hecho sus interpretaciones de géneros como el dbeat, dub, techno y el blues, ahora es el momento del ambient, un género que tan presente ha estado en la última década. En condiciones de presión económica y social cada vez mayor, lxs oyentes necesitan consolarse con cojines sónicos para soportar las luchas cotidianas. Para este lanzamiento, el duro presente se vuelve suave pero espectral gracias al uso del eco, el dispositivo en torno al cual se centra esta actuación. Sin embargo, el resultado no es obvio. De hecho, podríamos decir que este trío logró producir el rock más extraño posible o la música ambient que Eno nunca haría. Entre tensión, entre la desolación industrial y la gratificación tranquila, este disco da la sensación realista de estar en una sociedad que no está hecha para ti. El ambient de Regler contrasta juguetonamente con el uso general de la música ambient en un mundo que es todo menos apacible.
released March 9, 2023

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VISLA MAGAZINE Korea, 13.6.2023

한편, 이번 앨범을 카세트 테이프로 발표한 크리스탈 마인에 대해서 논하지 않을 수 없을 것. 스페인 부르고스(Burgos)를 기반한 본 레이블은 실험 음악가 사라 라신스(Sarah Rasines)가 2018년에 설립한 이래 ‘반 저작권(#anticopyright)’이라는 슬로건 하에 카세트 테이프 형식의 음반을 꾸준히 선보이고 있다. 특히 익스페리멘탈 뿐만 아니라 앰비언트와 테크노는 물론 이번 앨범과 같은 힙합까지 장르의 변위가 넓다. 특히 올 3월 세스 킴-코헨(Seth Kim-Cohen)과 레글러(Regler)가 함께 발표한 앨범 [Regel #12 (Ambient)]은 공연과 강연이 결합한 형태로, 이들은 음악 또는 청각 매체의 확장 가능성을 보여준 바 있다.

Bad Alchemy April 2023

Bei Regel #12 (Ambient) (Crystal Mine, C-60) betten die beiden REGLER eine Lecture von SETH KIM-COHEN auf den Sound von Drums & Gitarre, wobei alle drei noch Electronics einsetzen. Um Ambient so gegen den Strich - à rebours - zu bürsten, wie Kim-Cohen es gefordert hat. Der selber mit Text und Sound (in Projekten wie Nil/Resplendent) arbeiten­de Associate Professor of Art History, Theory, and Criticism at the School of the Art Insti­tute of Chicago und Autor von „One Reason To Live: Conversations on Music“ (2006) und „In The Blink of an Ear: Toward A Non-Cochlear Sonic Art“ (2009) ist ja vor allem mit dem auf Susan Sontags 'Against Interpretation' anspielenden Essay 'Against Ambience' (2013) ins Gespräch gekommen. Zumindest bei solchen, die seinen academic linguistic gym­nastics was abgewinnen konnten, wurde es als Ruf verstanden nach Kunst, die unserem Informationszeitalter ebenbürtig ist. Nicht eine, die die Selbstbehauptungen oder Verbreitungsweisen der Zeit nachahmt, sondern eine Kunst, die hyperbewusst, wachsam, aktiv, engagiert und informiert ist. Gegen die kulinarische Einbettung in den Status quo, von Brian Enos 'Music for Airports' onwards, soll ein Gefühl gestärkt werden, dass nicht nur die Welt, wie sie ist, als bewohnbares Ambiente versagt, sondern dass dagegen was getan werden muss. Die Stimme wird zur unverständlich kaskadierenden Welle und lispelnden Repetition, und das Ganze gerade dadurch unheimlich, dass dazu mit rauschenden Becken, gongenden Tönungen, verhallenden oder monoton tupfenden Beats, zartem Gitarrensound, einlullenden Loops und summenden Drones aus ambienten Déjà-entendus ein fadenscheiniger Schleier gewoben wird. Doch so wie man aus Death Metal als Pommesgabel-Spießer, oder Amokläufer hervorgehen und als Mozart-Liebhaber KZs betreiben kann, ist es auch bei ambientem Shoe- & Navel-Gazing dieselbe Frage: Was wird er damit machen? [BA 119 rbd]

Vital Weekly
number 1384
week 17

Of more musical interest for me was 'Regel #12 (Ambient)', which they recorded in 2015 in Stockholm with Seth Kim-Cohen. The cover is Brian Eno's famous diagram of the tape delay system. Using two reel-to-reel machines, one can record sound on one machine, feed the tape to the next and connect that machine's output to the first input, feeding the signal back. Interestingly (well, pure privately), I tried this a few weeks ago with varying results. I am unsure of my technical ineptitude or that my machines are too old, but it worked only so. I couldn't tell if Regler here uses two devices or just delay pedals. Kim-Cohen gives a lecture about Eno's tape delay, but as the talk quickly overlaps previous recordings of his voice, it becomes difficult to figure out what he says. Mattin and Bryngelssson's music isn't ambient per se, but they spin long waves of small sounds and lots of delays, so it becomes a bit relaxing. Especially the second side works well in that way and, from one point, sets out on a kind of very slow fade out. The voice becomes an instrument and is no longer recognized beyond a certain point on the first side. Quite lovely work! FdW