Touching Extremes (Italy, July 2006 by Massimo Ricci)

JOSETXO GRIETA - Reminder of a precious life (Audiobot)

The "revolutionary" power trio comprising Josetxo Anitua (vocals), Mattin (guitar & noises) and Inigo Eguillor (drums & percussion) is at home both with handmade explosions of venomous dissonance and sibylline whispers of silently mounting rage morphed into words that bath in desperate awareness and effective nihilism. The four messages delivered here constitute a continuity link to La Grieta's "Hermana hostia" (see below) minus the bitter sarcasm and with a more "acid" disposition as far as the music is concerned. It's incredible how Mattin sounds Mattin even with just a guitar; on the other hand, Anitua - who wrote all the lyrics - and Eguillor are an unlikely duo of companions, perfect for the low-budget blasphemy of this venture and gifted with a thoroughly uncontrollable anarchic spirit which can almost be smelled. "Reminder of a precious life" is sonic dust which refuses to be swept away.


Josetxo Grieta   Reminder of a Precious Life CD   (Audiobot)
    "I'm destroyed. Not dead cuz I'm destroyed" are the words that open this 30+ minute 4-song CD. As nihilistic as those words read, the "songs" here are even more so.  With guitar scrapes, feedback, silence, whispers, screaming, abstract drumming, hypnotic beats, and some wheezing Grieta, Mattin (of Billy Bao among other things), and Inigo Eguilor fuck with space and try to destroy sound. I felt challenged and impatient my first listen through. I was a bit more generous the second time around, and started to appreciate the wreckage of Grieta and pals on listen number three. At first I was trying to find a center to the songs. Impossible, as Reminder... has no skeleton. However it does have a skin, a very pliant hide, one that is as elastic as it is shape shifting.  Not for the meek. -- SS

Ruta 66 (Abril 2007, Barcelona)

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                                           ------------June 2006

Whatever the relation is of La Grieta with Josetxo Grieto, I don't know, but it lists Josetxo Anitua on vocals and lyrics, Mattin on guitar and noises and Inigo Eguillor on drums and percussion. This is a like the La Grieta work, except that its heavier and more related to free rock versus improvisation. Recorded with much distortion, both during the playing and probably some added afterwards, this is a more powerful work than the La Grieta release. Quite intense and furious. (FdW)


Bagatellen (June 2006)

BOT 197

“Reminder of a Precious Life” isn’t entirely dissimilar, though with just four tracks the music wanders a bit closer to the longer cuts from “Hermano Hostia”. Again, I get a little bit of a sense of, if not DNA specifically, the sort of climate that existed in the late 70s-early 80s when some strains of punk began to mix with free jazz and improv elements. Eguillor’s drums do tend to keep to rhythms, fragmented though they may be and Anitua’s vocals usually lie somewhere on a continuum from Lindsay to, oh, Yamatsuka Eye. It’s really Mattin’s guitar and other noises that fill out the songs, providing what grist there is to be had. That said, the more lugubrious pacing in this set wears thin after a bit, reaching a low point on “Precious life #1”, where the repeated refrain, “even when the sun goes down”, is endlessly either warbled mock-falsetto or gargled, sounding somewhat like what I’d expect from the unearthly spawn of Diamanda Galas and Tiny Tim. The final track picks things up a bit with a good, steady throb and insistent beat but a little late. Of the two reviewed here, I’ll take the freebie.

Audiobot’s website is here though I see no mention of this recording at the moment.

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