Vital (Netherlands)

Mattin related is his release on The Rhizome Label as Sakada. In this trio Mattin plays
computer feedback, Xabier Erkizia plays computer and accordion and AMMan Eddie Prevost
plays percussion. This is their second release with Erkizia, before Rosy Parlane was a
member. The two  pieces, one forty-four minutes in length, the other just under five,
were recorded two years ago, and the first is a beautiful exercise in high pitched
sounds, coming from all three players (as Prevost frequently strings his cymbals) but as
the piece develops, things become more 'musical', in a sense that percussive sounds are
percussive sounds and that the accordion can be recognized as such. It's hard to avoid
any AMM influences in here, which are plenty, but throughout it's a pretty intense and
unique listening experience, with lots of attention for the smaller details. The second
piece, probably the encore, is a bit weird, not just for it's length. It's a pretty
random piece of music, almost like a sound-check, ending in various spoken words (which
aren't to be understood). Nice release throughout. (FdW)

Volcanic Tongue


Rhizome RHCD-14


Oblique, slow-motion set of electro-acoustic free improvisations from the trio of Eddie Prevost (AMM) on percussion, Xabier Erkizia on computer and accordion and Mattin on computer feedback. The kind of intuitive, slow-sculpting form of the last few AMM recordings married to a weird digital minimalism that at points feels like a more benign take on Hive Mind’s transparently coded threat w/a touch of East Bionic Symphonia-style deep-field panoramics. On Jon Dale’s Rhizome label.

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