Recorded live at Le Weekend Festival, 27 May 2006 in Sterling Scottland

Press release from Seven Things label:

Highly conceptualised but at the same time incredibly straightforward, the music of Basque-country-born improviser / performer Mattin explores the fundamental nature of sound in primitive and sophisticated ways.

Sounds a bit contradictory?

Certainly is. That's why we're such big fans at Seven Things towers. Very noisy / very quiet / very violent / very peaceful / collaborative / individualistic - the list of opposites to describe Mattin can go on and on.

One thing we can say for certain? Very musical ... but also absolutely, strictly, definitely non-domestic listening. Hooray!

The Wire (272, October 2006)

Like binary code, Mattin's music is either off or on. Mostly it's on. But sometimes he lingers in the off position
, keeping his audience waiting and guessing for an inordinate length of time. That's what happens on Wrong Commodity ,
a 28 minute recording of a live performance, available from the Seven Things Website ( Their expectations
disrupted, the audience grows increasingly restless as the seconds tick by until, a full five minutes into the piece, Mattin's laptop deluges them with ear-scouring noise at maximum volume, Nine minutes later, the noise ends abruptly, collapsing into its own echo to reveal a law volume hiss, which may be an entirely new sound or a lesser constituent of the original one. That, in turn, gives way in the final minute or so to a howling feedback and several screamed exclamations, heavily chopped and distorted. It's a bravura ending, received with startled laughter and applause.
Brian Marley

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