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Askatasun falta esploratzen dute nire partiturek
Iñigo Astiz, Berria, Getxo, 2022ko abuztuak 28

Performative Alienation Against Ideological Escapology
Mattin & Noah Brehmer, ULWC READER
published by Ultimate Worker's Leasure Club, Vilnius, 2021

Post-Traumatic Listening

Pan-Pan Kolektiva, commisioned by Anabelle Lacroix
published by Disclaimer, Liquid Architecture, Thanks to Joel Stern, Melbourne, 2020

Mattin el musico ruidista que convierte al espectador en instrumento
Oscar Malero, La vanguardia, Barcelona, Abril 2017

Social dissonans
Av Rebecka Thor, Kunstkritikk, April 2017

The Authority of Taste

interview with Martina Raponi at DIGICULT (Milan), February 2017

An Animal Skin Turned Inside Out
Miguel Prado and Mattin on the Evacuation of the Voice interviewed by Andrew Tan-Delli Cicchi
published at White Fungus,Taichung City,  Taiwan, October 2016

Noise as Device
Published in RAB-RAB Journal for Political and Formal Inquiries in Art, Issue 02 , Volume B pp. 91-100, November 2015, Helsinki

El ruido como artificio
Tradución Iñigo Eguillor
Publicado en
AusArt Journal for Research in Art. 3 (2015), 2, pp. 69-82, Euskal Herria

Hluk jako metoda
Published in 2016 by A2 (Prague) Translated by Marta Martinová.

What is to be Done under Real Subsumption?
¿Qué hacer bajo la subsunción real?
Zer egin subsuntzio errealarenpean?
Loty Negarti & Mattin, November 2014

La verdadera improvisación sería la revolución
Pablo Cabeza, GARA 2014/11/26

Xabier Erkizia and Mattin on the Lagos music scene
Global Ear, The Wire, issue 365, July 2014

We Still Believe in The Power of Improvisation
Conversation between Miguel Prado and Mattin
published in Surround #2,  thanks to Mark Flaum, Jarrod Fowler and Dan Warburton, 2014

What Is Not Music? interview with Joel Stern and Andrew McLella as part of the project What Is Not Music?,,
published in Discipline #3  thanks to Helen Hughes, 2013 (Melbourne)

Unfree Improvisation/Compulsive Freedom
Ray Brassier
Written for a performance with Mattin at Arika's festival episode 4 “Freedom is a Constant Struggle”, 21 April 2013, Tramway, Glasgow
Thanks to Barry Esson and Byrony McIntyre

Improvisación no-libre/libertad compulsiva

traducido por Mattin con revisiones de Miguel Prado y Leire Vergara (diciembre 2013)

Improvisation and Communisation
Published on the book Undoing Property?
Edited by
Marysia Lewandowska and Laurel Ptak
Sternberg Press, Berlin, 2013
(The following version is updated with corrections by Jarrod Fowler)

Improvisación y Comunización

Traducido por Rodrigo Rios Zunino, para la revista Aural del Festival de Arte Sonoro Tsonami (Valparaiso, enero 2014).

Distributing Agency on the work of Hong-Kai Wang, published in White Fungus, Taichung City, 2013

沉默的既存:專訪巴斯克聲音藝術家 Mattin (Taipei, June 2013)

Entrevista de Jaime Gonzalo
publicada en el Ruta 66 #301 publicada en Febrero 2013 (Barcelona)

by a group of people
English, Spanish, French  
published by Hamaika (Basque Country), w.m.o/r  (Stockholm) LES SEPT ÂMES  (Montreal), February/March 2012
Spanish text also published in URSONATE (Madrid)

Learning from Alienation: Radical Art Practices and Political Struggles: Paris 1871; Bologna 1977; Occupy Movement, 2011
Mattin and Michele Massucci
Paper delivered at Historical Materialism Conferencer 2011, London

Review of LULU (Lou Reed & Metallica), Volcanic Tongue, Glasgow, 2011

Managerial Authorship published in Casco Issues 12, Utrecht. September 2011

Interview Neural Magazine (Italy, April 2011)
Interview The Sound Projector (U.K. #19, 2011)

Idioms and Idiots
Ray Brassier, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Seijiro Murayama, Mattin
w.m.o/r (May 2010) pdf,
Spanish thanks to Daniel Sacilotto and Iñigo Eguillor
French available here
translated by Gauthier Herrmann (thanks to CAC Brétigny)

NOISE VS CONCEPTUAL ART updated version, Mattin
NOISE CONTRE ART CONCEPTUEL translated by Gauthier Herrmann (thanks to CAC Brétigny)

RUIDO VS ARTE CONCEPTUAL de Mattin publicado en URSONATE #0 (Abril 2010)

METAL MACHINE THEORY # 1  2  3  4  5  6
Ray Brassier & Mattin 1-5 published on Reveu et Corrigee (2010/2011)

Agent Provocateur by David Keenan, The Wire (February 2010)

A Fearless Foot and an Unscrupulous Mind (A Scream from the Extremity) by Ludwig Fischer, Machete vol. 1 NO 3 December 2009

Devour Your Limitations! published in The Wire's Below The Radar Series (December 2009)

¡Devora tus Limitaciones!  (Traducción al castellano de Roberto Mallo García publicado URSONATE #0, abril 2010
¡Devora as túas limitacións! (Traducción al gallego de Roberto Mallo García publicado en su blog Resonancia Inductiva)
French available here translated by Gauthier Herrmann (thanks to CAC Brétigny)

Interview Mattin/Dan Warburton Paris Transatlantic (July 2009)
L’improvisation dans la rue !
translated by Gauthier Herrmann (thanks to CAC Brétigny)

Improvisando Gaztetxes con Aitor Izagirre (Agosto 2009)
Improvising Gaztetxes (English pdf)


This Moment Contains Everything We Need
David Baumflek, Emma Hedditch, Ilya Lipkin, Mattin
May 8, 2009

A Conversation, by Alessandro Keegan/Mattin

Against Representation:  A revolution in front of you published in Mute Magazine Mattin, NYC, April/May 2009
French available here translated by Gauthier Herrmann (thanks to CAC Brétigny)

You Cannot  Survive  Any of My Desires
Acapulco Rodriguez on Mattin & Billy Bao, extended version of an interview published in ZGUN 2008/09

Anti-Copyright: why improvisation and noise run against the idea of intellectual property
published in the book Noise and Capitalism (Edited by Mattin & Anthony Iles)
Mattin, October 2008
Spanish in Ruido y Capitalismo

Dínamo - Festival de música exploratoria - Barcelos
Saturday the 26th, July 2008
Municipal Library.
Mattin / Taku Unami / Jean-Luc Guionnet
Miguel Prado

Taku Unami and Mattin: Improvisation in the form of interrogation
Performance in Labor Sonor series at KuLe (Augustr.10 Berlin-Mitte)
By Diego Chamy published on White Hot Magazine (November 2007)

On Intellectual Property and Arto Artian, published in XIRIKA (Gara) Euskaraz

Why do you make Records? Qustion by Jerome Noetinger for Revue et Corrigee (January 2008)

Interview with John Oswald  published in spanish in the basque newspaper Gara (August 2007)

Interview with Rick Prelinger (from the Prelinger Archives & published in spanish in the basque newspaper Gara (August 2007)

Mattin interview addlimb (May 2007)

Mattin interview Revue & Corrigee (March 2007) French
English version available in Unconstituted Praxis

The Re-aimated Corpse of Basque Culture Published at the The Wire (February 2007) Mattin

THESES ON NOISE May 2006, Mattin, published in the catalogue of the exhibition Arsenal in (London) and in 3t (Bergen)
ZARATARI BURUZKO TESIA translated by Xabier Erkizia (thanks!!!)
TESIS SOBRE EL RUIDO translated by Xabier Erkizia (thanks!!!)
French available here translated by Gauthier Herrmann (thanks to CAC Brétigny)

Anti-CCopyright: hacia una cultura desnuda
Marzo 2006. Mattin. Publicado en
English version available in Unconstituted Praxis

Means Without Ends Keith Moliné The Wire Issue 2006 May 2006

Interview with Mattin

Autsaider Issue 6
(Ukrania, March 2006)
english version

ukranian version

Going Fragile
Mattin july 2005,  thanks To Tom Roberts

Zerbrechlich Werden
Übersetzt von Martin Gastl und Markus Schmitt
This text was first published in the book "Public Affairs. Performance as Political Acts,"
(ed. by Ulrike Mueller), which is forthcoming in the series OE: Critical Readers in Visual Cultures (2006).
Published again on the duo cd of Radu Malfatti & Mattin released by Formed Records (San Francisco)
French available here translated by Gauthier Herrmann (thanks to CAC Brétigny)

Hauskor bihurtzea

Volverse frágil

Diciembre 2005 IEntrevista  Mattin con Chema Chacon in Oro Molido pdf (castellano)
Soinuaren bidezidorretatik barna de  xabier erkizia sobre Mattin en el periodico  Berria (pdf) (Euskera)

Give it All, Zero for Rules! Mattin
a short article on free music & free software published on 
April 2005. Re-publised on Dans For Voksne (Oslo, Feb-March 2006)

Las mulitudes son un estorbo. Mattin
Publicado en el cd de Bruce Russell "Los Desastres de Las Guerras"
(w.m.o/r) August 2004

English version available in Unconstituted Praxis

Disasters of Peace by Matthew Hyland
Published on the Bruce Russell cd "Los Desastres de Las Guerras" (w.m.o/r)
August 2004

Practical Materialism:Lesson Three Bruce Russell. Published on his cd "Los Desastres de Las Guerras" (w.m.o/r)

oh I love freedom but ... Mattin.  Published on Mute Magazine (Jan. 2005).
Oi, izugarri atsegin dut askatasuna! Baina zer da hori?
Oh, ¡me encanta la libertad! Pero ¿qué es?
traduciones al euskera y castellano gracias a Xabier Erkizia y Arteleku
OH COMME J’AIME LA LIBERTÉ ! MAIS QU’EST-CE QUE C’EST? translated by Gauthier Herrmann (thanks to CAC Brétigny)

Bilbao Acabado: Cultural Practices or Gentrification

A Second Subterranean Ethics. Mattin
Part of this essay was given at the symposium Public Affairs at the museum of modern art in Vienna on the 28th Sept. 2003.

 thanks to Matthew Hyland, Tom Roqué and Noé Cornago.

Thirteen Dubious Theses on Music/Freedom/Time by Matthew Hyland  . Published on the cd, Sakada "undistilled" on Matchless Recordings August 2002

Close-up of what?
Mattin. April 2003

No, ya no somos Ratas en Bizkaia Mattin November 2003
publicado en el MEM codex 2003 

Becoming Bilbao published under Paulus Snyder,
publicado en el MEM codex 2002
Covertirse en Bilbao
Translation thanks to Zehar. Published in spanish in the Book Bilbao Acabado (edited by Mattin)