VITAL number 294 october 2001 (netherlands)  

A CDR of a shorter length (just under 21 minutes) by Mattin, the guy
who plays computer feedback (and who released a CD of his with Eddie
Prevost and Rosy Parlane) and one Denis Dubovtsev, who plays sopranosax.
Recorded in august and september in a studio in London. I
expected a full blast affair, since Borbetomagus showed me how well
capable the saxophone is of producing noise music. But it's not. The
eight pieces are all held back in nature, the soprano sax plays notes
and the computer produces the noise here, but that's also held back.
The sound is like a cut up, playing a no single note twice with those
strange computer interceptions. A work of free noise jazz with the
computer as a new soloist. Strong stuff. (FdW)





Banana fish 16. 2002. San Francisco.(review by S. Glass)


Scorekeepers who have to discern where on the Bi Rak cdr Denis Dubovtsev's soprano sax ends and Mattin's computer feedback begins would have better luck at an ice hockey game where the puck is a one-gallon paint can and the players wear cast iron skillets instead of skates. For twenty minutes the duo rustles bismuth quills of hooting porcupines sympathetically with teh squeezing of barbirusa by massive sweaty girdles.