15-16 Septiember, ENCUENTROS MRB_AMM IV, Centro Huarte
20 September, Regler, No-Wave with Dario Farello, Kafé Hærverk, Oslo
21 September, Remembering Mika Vainio concert with Lucio Capece, Mattin & Morten J. Olsen, Ultima Festival, Kafé Hærverk, Oslo
22 September, SIGNAL #7 - The joy of disagreement, panel discussion, Social Dissonance workshop and Performance, Brussels
10 October, Mattin, performance, show curated by Matti Blind, Art Academy of Szczecin
15-16 What Is To Be Done Under Real Subsumption? Performative reading group and performance, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw
27 Billy Bao, Empty Gallery, Hong-Kong
8-11 November What Is To Be Done Under Real Subsumption? panel at Historical Materialism Conference, London
15 November, Okela, Bilbo